Episode 9: Rosie Button | Women in Missiology Network

Women in Missiology network

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Redcliffe recently launched a network that aims to connect and promote women teaching, researching, writing and studying in Missiology. In this week’s episode Rosalee talks to Redcliffe lecturer Rosie Button about why it was started and how we can all benefit from it.

Women in Missiology is a network of women teaching, researching, writing, and studying in the field of missiology. It provides a space to connect, to learn, and to resource the Church. This happens through three main ways: a closed Facebook group for connecting and sharing ideas and resources; a consultation to meet and learn together, and encourage one another to excellence; and a curated bibliography.

The network will hold its first consultation on 6-7 June at IMC in Birmingham in the UK. This 24-hour women-only event aims to:

  • connect women engaged in missiology
  • engage with papers on the consultation theme of, ‘The Bible and Mission’
  • give a space to share experiences and raise issues involved in being a woman working in the field of missiology
  • encourage the next generation of women scholars
  • help shape the network’s future

Keynote speakers include Dr Cathy Ross on ‘Lament and Hope: “There are things that can be seen only with eyes that have cried.”’ and Dr Mary Evans on ‘Old Testament Narrative and its Missional Significance.’

NOTE – we have received funding to heavily subsidise the places for students. See the website for more details.

Immediately following the Women in Missiology consultation is the Global Connections Mission Educators Forum on 7-8 June. The theme for this year’s 24-hour gathering is ‘Gender and Mission Education’. Participants will be exploring together how we equip people for mission in a way that helps them to understand and work through an increasing and complex array of Gender-related issues. Plenary speakers include Dr Mary Evans and Dr Elaine Storkey.

Why not come to both?! 

And if you want to explore issues of Gender: As well as being course facilitator for Redcliffe’s MA in Member Care, Rosie also leads our module, Gender and Mission.

Redcliffe College offers part-time, blended-mode MA programmes to help mission practitioners deepen your understanding and develop your practice.

Programmes include:

MA in Contemporary Missiology;

MA in Leadership in a Complex World

MA in Member Care

MA in Literacy Programme Development

MA in Field Linguistics.

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